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I have an extensive background in leadership, and guidance. I've helped many people and their businesses thrive. My strategies are long lasting, follow a clear path, and I truly believe in the potential of others. I'm incredibly passionate about bringing out the best in everyone I encounter.  


Here are a few of my accomplishments:

  • Relationship & Dating Coach - Preparing people for their relationship journey and helping them heal from past experiences.

  • Business strategist - helping new businesses through the startup phase, creating sales strategies and staffing plans.

  • Business Mentor - THC Staffing Group, helping people realize their goals and success as entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.  

  • Professor - Oaksterdam University, teaching Advocacy, Marketing & Branding, and Patient/Consumer safety. 

  • Former IT Professional - working many years as a Network Systems Engineer. Holds degrees in Computer Sciences and Network Infrastructure, as well as multiple certifications.

  • Cannabis activist - grassroots campaigning and advocacy goes back 32 years. She’s been heavily involved in patient representation, harm reduction, public policy, and community organizing.

  • Founder of Vanguard Media Online - a Women’s movement, and a magazine that’s dedicated to showcasing the efforts of Women in cannabis. 

  • Founder of LadyCanna 101 - a cannabis education series that encourages people to learn more about cannabis and its placement in their lives and communities.

  • Serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors for Affinity Patient Advocacy -  an organization that advocates for proper medical treatment for chronically ill patients.

  • National Cannabis Industry Association - Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee member and  Chair of the Content Committee.

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